Celebrating teachers: A book of appreciation

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Author Carol Kelly
ISBN 0760723672
Binding Hardcover
Condition Used - Good
Condition Description
Category Self Help
Publisher Barnes & Noble Books
Publication Date January 2001
"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."--Albert Einstein You remember them well: the first teachers you ever had, the educators who wouldn't let you get away with anything, the instructors who inspired and encouraged you to reach new heights. The best teachers change your life forever, so thank them with this book of appreciation. The quotations and anecdotes come from people of all kinds: writers (Samuel Johnson, Mark Twain, Robert Frost), composers (Leonard Bernstein), painters (Picasso), philosophers (Confucius), statesmen (Winston Churchill), plus everyday students and the instructors themselves, who offer their personal insights on education. Every person who has dedicated his or her life to helping us learn deserves a copy.

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