A Clandestine Affair

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Author Joanna Wayne
ISBN 0373229429
Binding Mass Market Paperback
Condition Used - Very Good
Condition Description
Category Romance
Publisher Harlequin
Publication Date September 2006
Jaci Matlock went to Cape Diablo to solve the thirty-year-old Santiago murders. And though the remote island had a haunting reputation, the forensics novice was determined to expose the reality behind the mysterious events that plagued her arrival. Now in order to uncover an age-old murderous conspiracy, Jaci had to team up with her only ally: Raoul Lazario. But trusting the ruggedly sensual adventure seeker proved to be a distraction she couldn't afford.... Solving the cold case would secure Jaci's lifelong dreams, but with Raoul she faced an even more confounding mystery.... Would falling in love have life threatening implications?

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