Ask Gladys: Household Hints For Gals On The Go

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Author Povo%2C Kelly%2C Root%2C Phyllis
ISBN 1573242586
Binding Hardcover
Condition Used - Very Good
Condition Description
Category Humor & Puzzles
Publisher Conari Press
Publication Date August 2005
When women of a certain age were mere slips of girls they took home economics classes and learned things like how to clean just about anything with toothpaste and vinegar. For the most part, the slavish devotion to housekeeping is long gone, but the clutter and the GUILT remain. Ask Gladys pledges to dispel all that. There are some really good ideas here, such as: * Keep someone in bed so you never have to make it. * Save time-shower with your dishes. Packed with humorous advice and fabulous photographs, Ask Gladys is the perfect book for those guilt-ridden women out there who need to get over it already! Trust us, this one will be a welcome gift for any occasion.

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